Hello, I'm Andris.

I built EmailEngine.

10+ years of professional email software development

I've been building software around email protocols for a long time. This work has been mostly open-sourced and is well-known, like Nodemailer, the email client library for Node.js.

Solo venture

EmailEngine is a project I run entirely on my own. This includes software development, product planning, support, and so on. If you need help, you will get it directly from the person writing the code.

Well-known and respected open-source projects

The open-source email projects I have built are used by companies like Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, and Atlassian, to name a few. I put the same effort and care into EmailEngine as well.

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Postal Systems OÜVeskiposti tn 2-100210138, TallinnEstonia

EmailEngine is proudly built in Estonia.

Veskiposti 2, 11313 Tallinn, Estonia