Outlook and MS365

Use OAuth2 to authenticate Outlook and MS365 IMAP and SMTP accounts.

Click here to see other types of OAuth2 configurations or here for a tutorial.

  1. Open Azure Portal
  2. Navigate to Microsoft Entra IDApp Registrations
  3. Create a new app registration
  4. Select a suitable Supported accounts type. If you do not want to restrict account types, use the Accounts in any org and personal accounts.
  5. Select Web as the application's platform and use EmailEngine's URL with the /oauth path as the Redirect URI
  6. The Application (client) ID in the application overview page is the Azure Application Id in EmailEngine's OAuth form.
  7. Navigate to Api Permissions and Add a permission
  8. Click on Microsoft GraphDelegate permissions
  9. Search for and enable the following permissions:
    • IMAP.AccessAsUser.all
    • SMTP.Send
    • _offline_access_
  10. Navigate to Certificates & Secrets
  11. Create a new client secret, select any expiration date you are comfortable with. Once the credentials expire, you would have to come back to the same form and create a new credential and update it in EmailEngine as well.
  12. Make sure to copy the Value of the freshly generated client secret, and not the Secret ID
  13. Create a new Outlook application in EmailEngine
  14. Use the Application ID from the application's dashboard as the Azure Application Id
  15. Use the copied credentials value as Client Secret
  16. Set the Supported account types value. Common matches the Accounts in any org and personal accounts configuration option in Azure app.
  17. Click on Register app to finish the process